The challenges facing physicians today

The headwinds that face physicians today are significant and growing. Widely understood issues include declining income, work life imbalance, increasing expenses, information technology challenges, and burnout. Our model offers a unique alternative to the status quo.

Preparing for the future:

LifeLine Sciences, LLC is a Managed Services Organization (MSO). The LifeLine Sciences℠ platform is designed to thrive in today’s fee-for-service world while preparing for the inevitable change to fee-for-value. Our primary focus is on patient care and prevention allowing physicians the opportunity to drive efficiencies, reduce downstream costs, improve the patient experience and achieve quality measures. LifeLine Sciences is prepared for the future of risk-based models, positioned to excel in the evolving health care market.

An option for independent physicians:

Contracting with LifeLine Sciences allows physicians the opportunity to maintain autonomy in day-to-day practice activity. The MSO team manages the business aspects of the practice. Our collaborative culture is ideal for the independent physician with a passion for providing the highest quality patient care while meeting the challenges of today’s evolving health care environment.


Doing the right thing for patients and physicians is at the core of our philosophy. LifeLine Sciences is committed to the highest level of integrity while conducting business in a legal and ethical manner.

Physicians discussing work life balance

Model Deliverables

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    Physician Income

    Our services focus on effectively managing operational expenses, while minimizing the risk for penalties. Our processes will help ensure the practice is prepared to compete in today’s challenging healthcare landscape, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your growth.

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    Medical Scribes

    LifeLine Sciences will provide a scribe for every physician within the practice to improve patient satisfaction, help improve quality measures, enter documentation into the EHR to ensure appropriate coding, and assist in compliance with healthcare and payer regulations.

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    Reduced Administrative Burden

    A core principle in our model is to reduce the heavy administrative burden on physicians by training the staff to take on more responsibility for patient care and throughput. LifeLine Sciences will assume the burden of optimizing workflow, staff training, practice performance reporting and strategic planning to ensure efficient office operations.

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    Investment in Medical Technology

    LifeLine Sciences plans on deploying technology focused on improving not only patient care but also the patient experience. Our focus is to deliver the highest quality care while compressing the episode of care for the patient.

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    Revenue Cycle Management

    LifeLine Sciences trains your staff to be highly proficient in managing appropriate billing and coding with the expectation of limiting open charts.  LifeLine Sciences will also employ strategies to reduce open collections and helps maintain a positive patient/physician relationship.

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    Health IT

    LifeLine Sciences is committed to deploying appropriate technology across the organization and will strive to make technology simple and effective.  The MSO team will focus on the optimization of your EHR for timely data movement, improved quality measure data capture for increased incentive achievement and enhanced patient health outcomes.

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    HR Practices

    LifeLine Sciences focuses on hiring, training and retaining the highest quality staff, collaborating with the Practice/Physician on decisions to ensure alignment with specific office needs. We will manage the full spectrum of HR needs including payroll and benefits administration.

  • Physician and Patient Interaction

    Physician and Patient Interaction

    Physicians will have more time to focus on the patient interaction allowing the practice to implement a patient centric mentality, driving quality and value within the practice.

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